Sad news about Mike Sheppard

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We are sorry to have to share the news with you all that very sadly our dear friend, colleague and band member Mike Sheppard passed away on Easter Saturday morning.

Mike was an extraordinary musician whose musical stretch spanned all spheres of the musical world. His professional musical output was huge, spanning choral music to big bands, orchestral film to RnB. His music was heard on TV and radio for decades, whether on film or TV advertising.

Mike was a force of nature! An incredibly talented man across so many spheres of the musical world.

As an outstanding member of Amersham Band, his commitment, contribution and dedication was immeasurable, not only as a multi instrumentalist, but composer, arranger, videographer and member of the committee too. In 2023, Mike was awarded Amersham Band “Lifetime Achievement Award” for his outstanding contribution to the organisation. The only band member ever tio have received this award.

Whilst his favourite instrument was the bass trombone (which he played in our Amersham Big Band) he was more often seen playing a baritone or euphonium in the brass band line up. He was always happy to play whatever instrument was required on whatever particular day.

During the covid period, Mike was an integral part of the AmBand team and was a key contributor to many projects, including the ‘most entertaining’ programme for the Cory Band online competition, where his unbelievable technical ability enabled the band to create a ‘Blues Brothers’ tribute that received critical acclaim from around the banding world.

Mike developed numerous concert and contest programmes for the band over the years as well as composing music for the band too. On its 180th birthday, Mike composed ‘The Amersham Suite’ which tells the tale of the bands first historical event at a cricket match to present day, all narrated by Mike himself.

Ever optimistic and positive through his illness for the past couple of years, Mike was a true fighter to the end. We shall miss him very much.

Above all, Mike’s support and encouragement for fellow players, both young and old, around the various bands will be a lasting legacy. His attitude and enthusiasm for the Amersham musical community was unwavering and his contribution will resonate for many years to come.

We send our love and support to Tonia and his two children, Ellen and Henry.