Tips, advice and stories from the professionals.

We have an amazing series of clips and video extracts with tips, advice, stories and reminiscences from a line-up of the very best musicians. Since the coronavirus lock-down started in March we have hosted a weekly online video session with top-level guests, interviewed by our Musical Director, Paul Fisher. These include famous names such as Gordon Campbell, Mike Lovatt, Philip Harper, Edward Gregson, Carol Jarvis, David Thornton, Stephen Cobb, Mark Wilkinson, Iwan Fox, Bramwell Tovey, Lynda Nicholson, Philip Smith and Ian Porthouse. The list goes on…

We are releasing some of the video clips over the next few weeks, so that everyone can benefit from the knowledge and experiences of those at the very top. A video library index is currently being developed on our website here, where anyone can browse our video resources. You can use the search feature to find videos from particular guests, or specific topics.

Guest SpeakerTopicTitle
Philip Harper Contests Entering the Championship Section
Philip Harper Conducting The Challenges of being a Musical Director
Gordon Campbell Miscellaneous Anecdote - Ronnie Hughes and Dave McLennan
Gordon Campbell Technique Time
Gordon Campbell Technique Dealing with Performance Nerves
Gordon Campbell Practice Daily Practice Routine
Mike Lovatt Technique Sound !
Mike Lovatt Technique How to Play Swing
Mike Lovatt Technique High Notes
Mike Lovatt Practice Getting Going in the Morning