Blowing Big Brass Instruments

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Low Brass Workshop, May 2014

Eighteen players of tubas, euphoniums and baritones took the opportunity to learn and practice under the leadership of professional tuba players Andy Grappy and Tom Hewins. “The workshop attracted players from a wide range of ages and abilities and the sound of all these large brass instruments playing together was truly awesome.” said Caroline Perkins, organiser of the workshop. “It was great to see the enthusiasm of young people and I was impressed by how quickly they learned new pieces of music.”

The free workshop was the second in a series being hosted by Amersham Band and was made possible by a grant from Chiltern District Council. Band Chairman, Fred Harrison said “We want to extend the opportunity for local people to be involved in brass music and we have recently launched Amersham Community Brass as a full strength band building on our original training band. We have also established a beginner group for new players. The aim of these workshops is to enable young people to experience the fun of group music making. This latest session together with our first workshop for trombone players has been a huge success and we hope that it will help us to recruit new players.”

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