Woodside School pilot inspires new brass players

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During the Summer term, we ran a pilot scheme aimed at introducing children to the fun of playing a brass instrument. Two sets of group lessons were run as an after-school activity at Woodside Junior School, each lasting five weeks. Ten children participated in each set of lessons. The band provided instruments and teaching materials, whilst the school paid the costs for the music teacher, trombone player Griffin Youngs. At the end of the pilot, the children were able to play 5 notes, follow rhythms and read simple music. To demonstrate their new brass playing skills, several children performed at the Woodside School end of term concert, to great accolade. Griffin Youngs said “It was great to work with such enthusiastic youngsters and I was really impressed with the progress they made after just a few lessons.” Several of the children expressed an interest in following up with lessons or by joining Amersham Band’s Brass Roots group. The pilot scheme was a great success and the band intends to extend the scheme to another local school in the Autumn term.

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