Cory Contest Judges wowed by Band’s “Blues Brothers Bonanza”

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Our on-line video of the band performing a medley of hits from the Blues Brothers movie impressed the judges at the Online Cory Championship. The band scooped second prize and was awarded the most entertaining band in the Championship Section. Using a brilliant new arrangement by Pete Long, band members recorded their individual parts at home which were then were assembled into a video, expertly created by band member Mike Sheppard who also edited the sound track. The video, which features singer Georgina Jackson, Will Watson on cornet and Pete Long on sax, was described as “one of the cleanest band performances, tight, driven and balanced”.

Blues Brothers Bonanza.

Waking up from his long hibernation in lockdown, Musical Director, Fish “Fingers” first thought is to call his principal cornet.  The band is a distant memory, but Fish has a brainwave – I wanna get the band back together he tells “Wild” Will Watson. So begins a frantic odyssey with the band on a “mission from god” to restore music to the nation. Loosely based on the Blues Brothers movie, Amersham Band lay down a heady mix of soul, blues and gospel numbers. Chased by the coronavirus cops, can the band escape? or is it back to jail for Fish Fingers? Watch the video to find out….