Band puts aside Brexit during visit to Bensheim

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The band has just returned from a fabulous visit to Amersham’s twin town in Germany, Bensheim. Over 30 band members and friends represented Amersham at the annual Bergstrasse Winzerfest Wine Festival, with the band playing at a wide range of events. The highlight was a joint concert with the local school AKG Big Band at the ParkTheater, which received rave reviews in the local press.

Introducing the concert, Musical Director Paul Fisher asked the audience to put aside Brexit for the evening, as the concert was not about distance or separation, but the exact opposite. The joint band concert was organised in friendship through music and recognised the long standing relationship between the two towns over more than than 30 years.

The near-capacity audience particularly enjoyed British favourites played by the band, such as the film music  from Bond movies and a Beatles Medley. Band Chairman Fred Harrison said “It was brilliant to team up with a local band as this really helps to build strong connections for the future of the twinning relationship. We hope that the AKG Band will be able to make a return visit to Amersham in 2017.” During the Wine Festival, the band also played at the formal opening ceremony, at several street concerts and marched in the parade alongside many other local bands. Although there was some rain during the parade, the band kept everyone spirits up with an enthusiastic rendition of the song “Tequila”.bensheim-street-concertbensheim-joint-concert-2016-3bensheim-joint-concert-2016-2