40 Year Milestone

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On 10 March the band celebrated a milestone event – 40 years since the band was reformed after the Second World War. To mark the event, a special cake was baked and iced, then consumed by band members.
Band member Rod Stevens, who joined the reformed band in 1977, cut the cake assisted by Musical Director Paul Fisher and Band Chairman Fred Harrison.

The meeting that re-formed the band was held in the Swan Inn, an appropriate location as, prior to WW2, the band had a rehearsal hut behind the Swan. Amersham Town Councillor Eric Edmonds chaired the meeting which was also attended by Jean Archer. Also present were former band members Gerald Redding and Eddie Turner.

When the band had closed all the instruments had been sold off so the re-formed band had to start from scratch. The first rehearsal was held in May 1977 at Amersham Football Club. The rest, as they say, is history.