We are walking 500 miles to Bensheim

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Band members, friends and families are walking 500 miles, the equivalent distance from Amersham to our twin town, Bensheim in Germany. We are trying to get as many walkers as possible to join us, with each walker pledging to walk a certain distance and donating £1 per mile walked into our bandroom appeal fund.

The route to Bensheim

Join Us

We have a new walking challenge! – 500 miles from Amersham to Bensheim!
Come and help us raise funds whilst celebrating National Walking Month.

  • Walk locally
  • Add up your miles
  • Donate £1 for every mile walked
  • Do as many walks as you want, each weekend during the month of May

Click here for to add your miles and make a donation

Our Progress Blog

25 May

We have made it!!! 500 miles walked in just 3 weeks. The great weather over the bank holiday weekend enabled our walking team to clock up the final 100 miles needed to reach Bensheim. After adding gift aid from the donations, we have raised over £600 for our bandroom appeal. There is still one more week left in May, so maybe we can even get a bit further.

23 May

400 miles done, only 100 left to go and we still have a bank holiday to come. We are now close to crossing into Germany where we can meet our friends from Bensheim.

20 May

We have reached Liege in Belgium and not far now to the German border. Janet has joined Waltrud in the walking group from Bensheim and Martin has joined the band group. We have put on an extra 61 miles since the last blog post. Only 128 miles to go now.

17 May

Great progress over the weekend, with several walkers posting double figure mileage. We have now at completed 311 miles, 60% of the way to our target and there are still two more walking weekends before the end of May. If we can keep up the pace we may be able to make it.

15 May

Brilliant! – Our friends from Bensheim have decided to join us and have started walking from Bensheim towards Amersham. Waltrud Ottiger, who organises the Freundeskries twinning association, has already reached Mainz. Now we are getting close to the halfway mark with nearly 250 miles completed.

10 May

We are celebrating the VE Day weekend by walking far enough to reach Calais and we have already raised £138 so far. Several new walkers have joined the group and have helped us push on to France, including Julie, Terry, Helen, Emily, Amy, Adrian, Paul, Sara and Luci. Our next milestone is to reach Brussels which is the half way point at 250 miles. If you think you can help, then please contribute your miles and make a donation.

5 May

We launched the project with 58 miles already logged over the weekend. The initial walker team includes Caroline, Kim, Tom, Fred, Bridget, Poppy, Marion, Kathy, Philip and Ash.