Fantasy Football Fundraiser

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If you love brass bands and football you can help Amersham Band get back to playing again.

The band has been busy raising funds for a new bandroom and the work on site is just finishing. Band Chairman, Fred Harrison, said “we have reached the point where we have a wonderful purpose-designed rehearsal facility, but we can’t make use of it until we have completed the final phase of finishing and fitting out the building.  Our old facility is too small to provide a COVID-safe environment for the band so we are keen to finish the work as soon as possible so we can get back to making music again”

Amersham Band’s Musical Director, Paul Fisher, had the brilliant idea to raise funds by creating a brass band fantasy football league. It’s just £10 to enter and will be great fun all year long with plenty of prizes to be won as the season progresses. Using the Premier League Fantasy Football App, participants in the league can select their own team of top players and have the chance to try to beat some of Amersham Band’s football fanatics.

50% of the entry fees will be used to award prizes (see prize schedule below) and the remaining 50% will go towards the bandroom fund, helping the band restart their rehearsals and ensuring they are ready to offer lots of young people a fresh start early in 2021.

If you are interested in joining in the fun, then get in touch with the band using the contact-us form to get information on how to join and to make your payment. We will send you instructions and the code to join our private league.

Good Luck!

Prize schedule

Prizes of £25 will be awarded at the end of Gameweeks 4, 8, 11, 17, 21, 27, 30, 34 and 38.

Week 4 Prize will be for the league member with the most points so far.

Week 8 prize will be for the highest individual weekly score in weeks 5-8.

Week 11 prize will go the the team that gains the most points through games 9, 10 and 11.

Week 17 prize will be for the league member with the most points so far.

Week 21 prize will go to the team who gets the highest points tally in one individual week during the period weeks 18 -21.

February’s prize goes to the most improved team throughout the month of February.

The criteria for the other prizes will be announced at the start of the relevant period. Please watch our website or social media pages.

At the end of the season, our main prizes will be

  • 1st – Team with most points – £100
  • 2nd – £50
  • 3rd – £25
  • Wooden spoon (fewest points at the conclusion) £25.

There is one final Musical Directors Mystery prize of £25 to be awarded during the season. Watch for details on social media!


WEEK 4 – Congrats to Chris Baker – Eb Bass player with Wrexham SA Band for ending month 1 of our fantasy football league on top! £25 winging its way to you.

WEEK 8 – Rio Clarke wins with the highest individual weekly score in weeks 5-8.

WEEK 11 – Sam Hill’s team wins with the most points in Weeks 9-11.

WEEK 15 – Adrian Parker’s team wins with the most points over the Boxing Day weekend.

WEEK 17 – Adrian Parker’s team wins again by being top of the league

WEEK 18-21 – John Ellis wins with highest points tally in one individual week during the period weeks 18 -21.