Sunday School Treat

Announcement Date: 28th July 1891

The teachers and children attending the Lower Baptist Chapel had their annual treat on Tuesday 28th instant. The scholars met at the school at one o’clock and marched through the town with banners and flags, headed by the Amersham Temperance Brass Band, under the conductorship of Mr G Ward, to a meadow at Amersham Common kindly lent for the occasion by Mrs Clarke of Bendrose Farm. All kinds of amusement were provided including cocoa nut bowling, swinging boats, donkey riding. Tea was provided at five o’clock and the rest of the evening was spent in racing, cricket, and a tug of war between abstainers and non abstainers, the teetotallers coming off victors. The party returned to Amersham shortly before ten, and after lustily cheering their teachers and those who had contributed to the day’s enjoyment, left for their homes.