Sons of Temperance

Announcement Date: 5th June 1891

Thursday, May 26th will be remembered as a red letter day in the minds of the local division of the above order, owing to the fact that by the kind consent of T.T. Drake Esq., the Town Hall was granted for the purpose of a social tea and gathering of the members and friends of the United Division and Cadet Section. This was the first occasion of a temperance tea in this structure, but owing to the praiseworthy efforts of the Committee, the same was carried to a successful issue, about 100 heartily enjoyed the good things provided. After the tables were cleared the Hall was re-arranged for carrying out an entertainment which has now become popular, as was proved by the fact that the Hall was again filed by an interested and appreciative audience.

Bro. F Ward, Worthy Patriarch of the Division, presided. The proceedings were much enlivened from the fact that the occasion was the first public appearance of the Amersham Temperance Brass Band, which after a comparatively short series of instructions, ably given by the leader Bro. G Ward, is now competent to perform in public. The band rendered some lively selections during the evening. A very lengthy programme was effectively carried out, a considerable portion of the same being rendered by the Cadets, who are now under the patronage of Bro. Pratt. Much applause (which was well merited) was given to Master Cecil Garton (8 years old) for his mimicry and modern style, in fact, a pattern for songsters wanting attention and confidence, a table serving for his platform. He afterwards reappeared as a doctor in a dialogue, which was received with a tremendous applause.

The band played the selection ‘Nativity’

God Save the Queen sister L Keen ably presided at the pianoforte.