Shardeloes Fete

Announcement Date: 24th August 1892

On Saturday the 13th August 1892 the whole of the employees with their wives and families, in the service of T W T Drake Esq., numbering upwards of 800, were entertained at Shardeloes and partook of the good things and attachments that had been provided for them. After one and all had regaled themselves with a good substantial tea, games and sports were freely indulged in by both young and old, which games were conducted by the squire, and a large number of gentry who formed the house party, among whom we noticed Misses Drake (Little Shardeloes) Col. Logan and family, – Richmond Esq., Miss Grenfell & co. After the prizes were awarded to the successful competitors in the sports, and the darkness was coming on, refreshments were again handed round, after which the whole party repaired to the front of the mansion, where Mr Atkinson, the valet, gave them a very pretty display of fireworks. Before the company separated a hearty vote of thanks was given to the squire and Mrs Drake by Mr Gray, in the name of the whole company, and it was carried and with great enthusiasm, and amid loud and prolonged cheers. The Squire, in responding, said that if they were pleased and had enjoyed themselves, he was fully compensated for the trouble Mrs Drake and himself had taken to give them an afternoon’s amusement. The Amersham Brass Band was in attendance and gave general satisfaction.