Schools Festival

Announcement Date: 3rd September 1859

The annual treat to the children of the Church Schools in this town, took place on Tuesday the 30th Inst. According to custom the children assembled in their respective schools, where they regaled with a plentiful supply of tea and plum cake, after which the children carrying banners formed a procession and preceded by the Amersham Brass Band who kindly gave their services on the occasion, proceeded to the beautiful grounds at the Rectory, where, notwithstanding the unpropitious state of the weather, a number of games auch as cricket football running for prizes etc, were heartily engaged in by all the children. The teachers and friends in connection with the school were generously entertained at the rectory by the worthy rector and his amiable daughters in a manner that will not easily be forgotten. Dancing was then commenced on the lawn and kept up with much spirit till a late hour.