Penn Street Parish Tea

Announcement Date: 23rd August 1902

A successful parish tea was held in the grounds of Penn Street Vicarage on Friday, August 15th. About 150 parishioners sat down to tea together, the numbers being increased afterwards by late arrivals. The Amersham Band was in attendance, and played an excellent selection of music. Much amusement was caused during the evening by a man’s hat-trimming competition, and a washing competition, also for men, while the ladies tried their skill in a nail competition, seeing who could hammer the greatest number of nails into a piece of wood in a given time. Dancing and games were entered into with much heartiness on the lawn, the fine weather adding greatly to the enjoyment. In the course of the proceedings the Vicar made a brief speech, expressing the great pleasure it gave to Mrs Browning and himself to see so many present, and alluding to events of interest that had happened in the parish since last year’s parish tea –the restoration of the Parish Church, the visit of his Majesty King Edwad, the services of intercession, and subsequently of thanksgiving for the King’s recovery. After thinking the numerous helpers, and those who had taken tables and poured out tea, he concluded by calling for the National Anthem, the singing of which was followed by cheers for the King and Queen. Later on Mr and Mrs Browning were heartily thanked for their welcome, and cheers were given for them and for those who helped them.