Mr James Pusey letter

Announcement Date: 23rd December 1892

Mr James Pusey, Winchmore Hill, wrote to the George Ward of Amersham Band on 23rd December 1892

Dear Sir,
I received you letter from the band and was glad to hear that you have got some efficient players init, I should like to know who is in it. I know it not the 3 members you turned of from playing never one of you could say a word when we were there to speak for ourselfs but I can stand my ground and meet ever a efficient Bandsman of Amersham except the bandmaster. Playing a piece of music first sight and keeping as good time for what he likes. I have what instrument I like he have what he likes as long as it is in comppas. I knowed from you Amersham people wanted to get rid of us before now as one would not come to practice or another was busy. I was told to keep on til Christmas then they will have the money. But I think you do well as you are going to play 8 beats in the bar in cam time that never comes out till Dec 1892. I think that takes the cake as there no such time in music now you have been learning such thing was done yet only to keep as you are never to know the ? in 2 time you are told best quavers and it ought to be 2 crochets. I could say a lot but I better leave of . When it come I shall tell you 4 members what I think about you.

PS Please read this  to the whole Band not in a underhanded way as it was agreed as the Bearer has no knowing about what is in the note.