Minute Book

Announcement Date: 14th March 1891

As the Sons of Temperance seriously requests the Band to reconsider its decision to sever its connection from the Sons. The Band meet in committee this evening when a communication from Mr A Smith W.P. Chesham Div. Sons of Temperance was read expressing deep regret and earnestly requesting the Band to reconsider the step it had taken to sever its connection from the Sons. The members after the consideration unanimously resolved that the wisest course they could adopt was to entirely sever all connection from the Sons and become a Temperance Organisation of its own. As it don’t appear possible for a Band to be successfully worked in connection with the Sons of Temperance. The rules for the guidance of the members of this Band were reconducted to suit the altered circumstances.
It was then resolved that funds should be raised for the Bands support from the general public of Amersham and neighbourhood. And that a memorandum to enter public subscriptions Book be suitably headed to solicit public support.