Maidenhead – Odd Fellowships

Announcement Date: 7th June 1845

The Odd Fellows of this town are making great preparations for their first anniversary on the 19th inst. And as they are about giving the greatest effect possible upon the occasion this year. The splendid regalia of the Order from Maidenhead is engaged and the Amersham Brass Band which is not to be equalled in any part of this country. The Rev TT Coxwell has kindly consented either to preach a sermon or obtain some other minister to do so, after which a collection will be made, the proceeds to be applied towards the Widows and Orphans’ Fund. We hope and trust that for so good purpose there will be many contribute, for that is one of their grand principles and secrets – to relive the widows and orphans of brothers of the order, who would otherwise be left entirely destitute of this world’s comforts the way house excepted. Throughout the whole unity (the Manchester) we will defy any one to point out a single case where a deceased brother’s wife or children (provided they shall have conducted themselves  as worthy members) be left without that protection from the lodge to which the brother belonged, which would keep them from the slavery of want and the workhouse