Hospital Sunday Parade

Announcement Date: 1st July 1892

As High Wycombe is fortunate in the possession of an excellent hospital, so it is fortunate in respect to the very great interest taken in its support by the class most directly benefited by it, the working class, That this is so is evidenced by the fact that they are not content with having one annual parade in aid of its funds, but must needs have two one on a Saturday and the other on a Sunday.

Four Parades took place, No3 Parade (Eastern) included Bands, Stockenchurch Institute Brass Band, Amersham Temperance Brass Band, and the High Wycombe Drums and Fife Bands. Banners Court Centenary AOF, Westbourne Street SS and Christ Church SS No3 formed at Church Street and took the following route. Priory Road, Amersham Hill, Station Yard, Saffron Road, Queens Road, London Road, Easton Road, High Street Queens Square to Frogmoor.