Horse Racing, Jumping and Driving Competitions

Announcement Date: 21st April 1900

For the first time in its history the Amersham Easter Monday Sports was not favoured by fine weather. The air has frequently been cold, but this year there was a strong wind, amounting almost to a gale, and at frequent intervals drenching storms of rain and hail, followed by bright sunshine. These unpleasant atmospheric conditions kept many away, but in spite of this the attendance was a very large one. The meeting was once again held at the very large park of Shardeloes (by kind permission of Mr T W T Drake). The programme was a full one, consisting of no fewer than nine events, but all passed off without mishap of any kind, and some interesting sport was afforded. The arrangements made by Mr F Bryan’s active committee, assisted by numerous stewards, attain more nearly to perfection each year. Large fields were the order of the day, which the committee tried to ensure by offering over £70 in prize money. The judging was in the very capable hands of Captain Drake and Colonel Gilbey, while Mr G M H Weller and Mr A J Berkley were the starters. Refreshments of all kinds were obtainable and music was discoursed by The Amersham Brass Band, which was stationed in the enclosure. A large police force was in attendance. Superintendent Maneely being in command, but no disturbances took place of any kind. The only untoward event of the whole day was the unkind weather. Two or three bookies did little business.