Friendly Societies Fete & Flower and Poultry Show

Announcement Date: 19th August 1899

On Tuesday the annual Oddfellows and Foresters fete and floral and horticultural show took place in a meadow kindly placed at the disposal of the Committee by Captain T H T Drake. The morning was fine and warm, and promised well for the success of the undertaking, but about 3 o’clock a heavy thunderstorm swept over the town and district, accompanied by a deluge of rain, which quite marred the pleasures of the day and caused a general stampede from the showground in quest of shelter. The storm was preceded by a strong gale of wind, which overturned one of the tea tents and a stall or two, but fortunately no one was injured. The lightening was exceptionally vivid. At one o’clock a procession of the members and juveniles of the Oddfellows and Foresters’ Societies was formed and marched, headed by the Amersham Brass Band, down the High Street to the show ground. The members wore their regalia. The floral and vegetable exhibits were set out in a huge marquee, and included some very fine produce.