Chesham School Feast

Announcement Date: 19th August 1848

It would have been impossible for us to have done justice to this interesting meeti8ng in our columns last week. On Thursday, the 3rd inst, the annual festival of the Chaesham Church Sunday School took place (after several postponements in consequence of the bad state of the weather) in the Park of W Lowndes Esq, High Sheriff of the County. The weather proving favourable the attendance was very numerous on the occasion.

Among the company present, in addition to the High Sheriff and family and visitors, we noticed the Hon C. C. Cavendish MP and Lady Catherine Cavendish, B Fuller Esq and family R Sutton Esq and family Miss Lucas and party Revs E Owen S L Wilson, Montford Wood and several others.

Shortly before one o’clock the children, 270 in number began to wend their way to the booth two by two, bearing their flags and banners with various devices and mottos and were received by the High Sheriff himself. Grace having been sung by the children, they partook of a bountiful supply of beef and potatoes and plum pudding of which later supply we believe the whole of the spectators partook from the High Sheriff personally, and pronounced to be excellent.

The dinner being over and grace having been sung as before, the vicar, the Rev A F Aylward, addressed the company, and after thanking the committee of management for their assistance proposed ‘three cheers for the High Sheriff’ which were responded to by the company.

The High Sheriff returned thanks for the manner in which his health had been proposed and drunk and concluded by proposing the health of the Rev M Wood, which was drunk as was also the health of the Vicar the Ref A F Aylward and were suitable acknowledged.

The doxology being sung, the children left the booth, and dispersed all over the park, where they amused themselves with various innocent amusements and the more advanced in life amused themselves with a game of cricket.

In the evening nearly 70 sat down to tea at one shilling each, the profits arising therefrom be appropriated to the benefit of the school. The Chesham and Amersham brass band were in attendance on the ground and at intervals enlightened the company with several favourite airs, at nine o’clock they played round the park and the party broke up.