Chesham Parochial Schools

Announcement Date: 18th January 1860

The annual festival of the above schools was held on the 9th instant. The National Schoolroom at twelve o’clock and between twelve and one walked in procession with banners and flags flying preceded by the vicar, the Rev A F Aylward, the Rev C Bines, and the Amersham Band which performed some appropriate music, through the streets to the meadow which had been kindly lent for the occasion., where a spacious marquee was erected, in which the children were regaled with an excellent and substantial dinner, after which the respected Vicar rose and addressed a few words of kindly advice to them, and then proposed three hearty cheers, first for her Majesty the Queen, next the Prince Consort and the rest of the Royal Family to which they responded with becoming loyalty and enthusiasm. The same compliment was next paid to the teachers, the committee who had got up the holiday, and afterwards to Mr Joseph Batchelor, who had kindly granted them the use of the two meadows in which they were assembled. Three hearty cheers were given for the Rev Binns, the esteemed curate of Chesham, and the same compliment having being paid to the Rev A F Aylward, the children dispersed about the grounds to amuse themselves in the various sports which had been provided for them. The children belonging to the Infants School were conducted into the grounds a little later in the afternoon, and after singing some cheerful melodies, they were each presented with cake, and safety conducted home or to their friends on the grounds. A public tea was provided for the visitors under the marquee to which about six hundred sat down. He weather which had on the day previous, was very inauspicious, was extremely favourable for the occasion, and that being so, the meadows were well filled with townspeople and others from the surrounding neighbourhood, and the usual games, such as cricket, football, baseball, and bat trap, were entered into with great zest and continued till the close of the day, the Amersham Band continuing to perform at intervals a cheerful selection of music.