Celebrating the Relief of Mafeking

Announcement Date: 25th May 1900

On Saturday morning last, about 3.30 the in habitants were aroused from their peaceful slumber by loud cheers and on arriving at their windows and doorways they were met by about 200 persons headed by a torchlight procession, which had arrived from Chesham to bring the good and long looked for news, namely that Mafeking was relieved. Crowds of people were so anxious to have the report confirmed that they did not return tpo sleep but stopped about in groups and a quick sale of papers took place. Flags at an early hour were displayed all over the town. The ringers by the request of the rector rang merry peals at daybreak. Monday passed by without any official confirmation but many believing the news to be correct formed a procession and with a number of lighted torches to town singing ‘Rule Britannia’ and ‘Soldiers of the Queen’ On Tuesday when the good news was confirmed the little town proved that it was thankful for the same. A huge bonfire consisting of boxes and oil, was lit in the Broadway, and a quantity of crackers and fireworks were sent up in commemorations and the procession was again resumed on Tuesday. The Amersham Band paraded the town and played several appropriate pieces of music.