Anniversary of the Reading Lodges of Odd Fellows, Manchester Unity

Announcement Date: 28th June 1845

Never since the institutions of Odd Fellowship in Reading have the proceedings of that or any kindred benevolent society been distinguished by such features of peculiar and gratifying interest, as in the celebration of the anniversary, on Tuesday last, of several Lodges bearing the cognomen of ‘Odd Fellows. Although the weather at an early part of the morning presented a somewhat gloomy aspect, still as the day advanced it became more cheering, and in every respect favourable for an outdoor exhibition. Between nine and ten o’clock the members began to assemble at the Princes of Wales Lodge house, the Little Crown, Horn street where they were joined by brethren from Wokingham, Odiham, Newbury, Henley. The procession was speedily arranged, and started from the yard adjoining the lodge, headed by two conductors on horseback with drawn swords, the Amersham Band next, then followed a large and handsome flag bearing an emblematical device of the cardinal virtues, Faith, Hope and Charity, alleviating the wants of the widow and orphans, the district officers and past officers, each bearing the splendid regalia, amounting in all to sixty pieces, the dispensation carried by two brothers, and a flag emblematical of the order, in the centre was a carriage gaily decorated with small flags evergreens, and flowers in which was drawn a widow and twp orphans of a deceased brother supported by four P G’s the Caversham band, and the remainder of the brethren, of whom there were about 200.