Amersham Annual Treat

Announcement Date: 8th September 1900

The annual treat given by Mr and Mrs Drake to their employees in the garden and the farm, together with the children attending Amersham National Schools, week day and Sunday, also the children from Woodrow, took place on Tuesday at Great Shardeloes. The Amersham school children assembled at the school, and headed by the Amersham Brass Band, marched to the house. After the grounds had been inspected, tea was served, about350 children and 200 adults sitting down to as excellent tea, while the band gave a selection of pleasing music. The wants of the children were looked after by their teachers, while the adults were waited upon by the servants at the house. After tea racing of various kinds was indulged in, nearly all the children receiving a prize. At intervals two clowns appeared upon a stage and highly amused the children. A tug of war took place among the employees of the farm and the gardens, the former winning very easily. Each child received a prize from Mrs Drake, while the older people were also given a useful present. Dancing was in indulged in on the lawn, When the sun had set and the light was declining, the children were distributed among them, while the elders retired to the back to be regaled with bread and cheese and beer. The children then sang ‘God dave the Queen’ and gave lusty cheers for Mr & Mrs Drake for all their kindness during the day. Headed by the Amersham Brass Band, all then marched off for Amersham.