Announcement Date: 22nd June 1901

Ever since the appearance of the official announcement that the Imperial Yeomanry were coming home from the front, Amersham people have eagerly looking out for the return of the only man who joined the force from this town. Mr William Dumbarton son of William Henry Dumbarton, butcher. On Friday evenings, June 14, a public meeting was held to arrange a welcome for him and it was decided that the welcome for him ans it was decided that the Amersham Brass Band also the Fire Brigade and other soldiers who had already returned from the front, should assemble to do him honour. A little before 6pm on Monday a telegram arrived, notifying that he would be home about 6.30. Forthwith the inhabitants contingent of the Bucks Hussars, who were just returning home from Wycombe agreed to escort their comrade into the toen. About 6.45 Trooper Dumbarton, with his friends, arrived and mounting a horde which had been provided for him, a procession was marshalled in the following order – Amersham Band, Fire Brigade, Chesham continent of Bucks Hussars. Trooper William Dumbarton and three other Yeoman of Chesham, brake containing returned soldiers in khaki drawn by members of the Oddfellows and Foresters Friendly Societies. Trooper Dumbarton’s relations in a brake, Mr W W T Drake of Shardeloes with Mrs Drake and friends in a brake also several other carriages including local soldiers. The procession traversed Whielden Street up the High Street, and back into the Square, where a wagonette decorated with flags had been placed. Captain T H T Drake who had taken great interest in arranging the reception, mounted this vehicle and read the following address to Mr Dumbarton and the other three Yeoman present – ‘We, the inhabitants of Amersham, welcome Mr William Dumbarton and comrades on their return from South Africa, and congratulate them on having come safely through a campaign of most unusual difficulties and hardships. They, like many other brave men in the county came forward to fight for their country’s cause and have been with the forces on many occasions on which they have distinguished themselves, doing their share to add to the unfading laurels gained by the Yeomanry and the forces in the arduous campaign in which they have been engaged. We are glad to see them back and we wish them many years of health and happiness feeling sure they will never regret the time they spent and the experience they have gained in thir country’s service in the time of need’ Captain Drake added a few further congratulatory words, and called for ‘Three cheers for Mr William Dumbarton and the Yeomanry’ which were lustily given by all. Cheers were also given for the Captain for having read the address.

Mr Dumbarton then mounted the wagonette, and very feelingly thanked all his friends for the grand reception they had given him.

The band afterwards ‘Home, Sweet Home’ and the proceedings terminated.