A Generous Birthday Gift

Announcement Date: 12th July 1902

On Thursday, 3rd instant, Mr A J Berkley and Mrs Berkley gave a tea to the whole of the children, numbering about 400, attending the National Schools at Amersham. The tables were laid under one of Mr Young’s of High Wycombe, large marquees, erected in Mr Berkely’s meadow, opposite his house in Wheilden Street, Bunting had been hung all along the front of the meadow. After te, which was personally presided over by Mrs Berkely and a number of friends, the whole party were photographed by Mr Butts of Chesham, making a very pretty picture. Swings, cricket and racing were next indulged in. A barrel organ was in attendance up to six o’clock after which time the Amersham Brass Band played a selection of dance and other music until 10.30pm. The meadow was open to all during the evening and quite a thousand people were present altogether. Dancing and other games were kept up with much spirit. Refreshments were freely provided for all comers. In the course of the evening Mr J J Gray proposed a hearty vote of thanks to Mr and Mrs Berkley for their kindness in giving the children such a splendid treat, and wished Mr Berkley’ many happy returns of his birthday’ This was seconded by Mr Read and cheered to the echo – Mr Berkley returned thanks in a few suitable words – A display of fireworks then took place, and about 10.30pm the band played ‘God Save the King’ thus terminating one of the happiest evening spent in Amersham for some years.